25 Celebrities With Phobias

Ordinary, everyday people are not the only ones with phobias, but there are famous celebrities who also have many different phobias.   Some are famous actors, actresses, movie stars and much more popular people.  


Nicole Kidman, Australian actress has Lepidopterophobia, which is a fear of butterflies.

Jennifer Love Hewitt (Ghost Whisperer’s Melinda Gordon) claims to be afraid of the dark and monsters under the bed.

Pamela Anderson, Canadian Actress and model has a fear of mirrors.

Jennifer Ainston and Whoppi Goldberg has a fear of flying. (aviophobia or aerophobia)

Steven Spielberg, director, filmaker, producer and writer has a fear of cats

Carmen Electra (former Baywatch actor) has a

fear of water

Courtney Cox , actor in Friends as Monica, and presently as Jules Cobb in Cougar Town has a telephone phobia, does not like to talk on the phone and she also has a fear of aging.

Brad Pitt has a Fear of sharks

Cameron Diaz is afraid of door handles and door knobs

Sarah Michell Gerar (star of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) believe it or not is afraid of graveyards which is called coimetrophobia.

Tom Cruise is afraid of going bald.

Robert de Niro has a fear of dentist and afraid of any infection from dental equipment.

Megan Fox is afraid of paper.

Erica Durance (CW Smallville

Lois Lane) has a fear of birds.

Jody Foster has a shopping phobia


Justin Timberlake, (singer, dancer, actor, record producer) says he gets the chills from snakes, spiders and sharks.

Sheryl Crow (Rockstar) is afraid of height

Lyle Lovett (a Country star) is afraid of cows

Aretha Franklin has aviophobia, the fear of flying.


Napoleon Bonaparte, who was the emperor of France, had ailurophobia, a fear of cats. And Augustus Caesar also had this same fear.

Abraham Lincoln was afraid of Dentists.


Oprah Winfrey is afraid of chewed gum.

Ronald Reagan has aviophobia, a fear of flying.

Howie Mandel has mysophobia a fear of germs.

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