Party Ideas New York Style

New York City is a very well known city that features many landmarks and great things to enjoy. Planning a party with a New York theme is great way to incorporate all the great things in New York. Here is how to do it.

For Decorations
Use black, white and silver ballons, different posters or murals like The New York Skyline, George Washington Bridge, Times Square, New York City, Statue Of Liberty, Broadway, Central Park or RockFeller Center. You can purchase a variety of these and place it a different mural on side of the wall and another one on the

other side of the wall.

Use a tablecloth like New York Yankees, Mets or Giants Look for paper plates, cups, napkins that have some sort of thing for New York.  In Party supply stores, you can probably find this sort of thing like I love NY paper plates, cups, napkins or tablecloths.  You can choose from a variety of party supplies at  You can also add miniature models of Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building Model at the center of each table.


/> In order to have a party that feature a New York theme is having food that is often eaten in New York. This includes New York Style Pizza, Calzones, New York Style Bagels, Hot Dogs, a Waldorf Salad, this is apple, grapes, walnuts all mixed with mayonnaise.  Don’t forget to include New York Style Baked Pretzels, New York Style Cheesecake and of course Donuts.  If you do not live in New York, look for pizza places that offer New York Style pizza or Brooklyn style pizza.

Look for music and songs that carry a New York theme like New York, New York by Frank Sinatra and Broadway type of music.

Play Trivia games about New York and its landmarks. Check out at
You can also do name the tv shows and movies that were filmed in New York

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