9 Effective Ways To Deal With Stress At The Office

Are you encountering stress in the workplace? At times, challenges and stressful situations can occur at the office.  Whether it is dealing with deadlines, your workload, completing tasks, expectations from others or yourself,  organization, rude customers, coworkers, your boss, there are  ways to lower the stress level and create a better relaxed environment to work in.   This may require making a few adjustments. 




1.  Get a good 7-8 hours of sleep the night before.   This will provide the energy and strength for your day ahead.  If you go into work with just a few hours of sleep, you are more likely to be drained, overwhelmed and create

a stressful day for yourself

2. Eat a healthy breakfast in the morning to tackle the day ahead, with lots of fruit, or oatmeal, yogurt, smoothie, cereal, toast and pancakes. 

3.  Prioritize your work.  Decide what should be completed first, the tasks that have deadlines and what other work can wait a little longer. Although there may be a lot to do, learn to do one thing at time. When you try to tackle many tasks at the same time because it has to be done, it can get rather stressful. If your task does not have deadline, work at your own pace and do not rush to get it done.

4.  Don’t work incessantly because there are lots of assignment and tasks to complete.

With that mentality, you will feel overwhelmed and stressed. Instead, take small breaks to relax your mind and body. Whether it is 5-10 minute walk around your building or in your department, getting some fresh air, eating a snack, it helps in a great way to relieve any stress. You can also take your iPod with you to listen to music as you walk. When you change your atmosphere for a few minutes it can help in a great


5.  Identify the specific thing that is stressing you at work. Is it your workload, coworkers, customers, expectations, expectations of yourself, deadlines or your boss.  When you recognize what it is that stresses you, then you can develop effective ways to manage that area.

6.  If you accept extra work that is given to you and have not completed your own workload, this can often cause stress. Do not always say yes, learn to say No, be truthful and explain very gently why you have to turn down extra work. You do not always have to please everyone. Only you know how much you can handle.

7.  If your present load is too much to handle, consider asking for help from other coworkers. This will reduce any stress.

8.  Make every effort to be in good terms with your coworkers. Communicate effectively with your coworkers concerning group projects to avoid any conflict or misunderstanding.  Do not let negative and hard to get along coworkers create stress for you.  Keep your peace.

9.  Keep your files, folders, stationery organized and where you can easily find it. At the end of the day, place them where you can find them if you need it for the next day. Get rid of clutter around your desk and keep your desk area organized.

Article Written By Janellegems

freelance writer, counselor, mentor

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