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7 Ways to Cleanse Your Body After Quitting Cigarette Smoking
Published By Janellegems on 2011-04-10 463 Views

Cigarette smoke contains harmful toxins like nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic and other chemicals. Over periods of time, these toxins accumulate in the body and become very harmful to your organs, lungs liver and heart. Here are simple ways get rid of these toxins after you quit smoking. 

Water flushes out any toxins from your body. Drink plenty of filtered water, bottled water or 8-10 glasses of water a day. Add a splash of lemon or lemon juice to cleanse your system of cigarette smoking and other chemicals from smoking.

Use Garlic
Garlic is wonderful in cleansing your body of nicotine and harmful substances. Garlic Cloves contains allicin, which helps in clearing the lungs. You can cook with crushed garlic cloves, sauté with it and add to your vegetables and meat. Garlic supplement like Liquid Kyolic aged extract or garlic tablets are available at local health stores and pharmacies.

Ginger Root
Ginger has many benefits and natural way to clear out the lung. Ginger root can be purchased from the produce area of the supermarket. Ginger root can be used to create a fresh natural ginger tea. It can also be added to your foods and salads. Ginger is also available in tablet or capsules form at your local health store.

Use Teas
Green tea contains powerful antioxidant properties that detoxify your body from years of smoking. It is best to drink 3 or more cups of green tea a day.
White tea, lemon tea and peppermint tea and other herbal teas are also very effective in cleansing your body as well.

Juicing is a form of detoxing. It removes toxins from your body. Juicing protects and prevents you from all sorts of disease related to smoking. You can create fresh fruit and vegetables juices with your juicer and blender. Fresh carrot, celery, beet, apple, tomato, cababe and grape juices are great for cleansing the body.
You can also buy 100% juices.

Beet juice, asparagus juice, tomato juices and grapefruit juice help to get rid of out the toxins from cigarette smoking.

Eat High Fiber Foods
Fiber can eliminate all toxins that build up over time from your cigarette smoking. I t prevents colon cancer. Fiber foods include beans, raw green leafy vegetables, kale, brown rice, carrots, cabbage, asparagus, peas and whole grains.

A Healthy Diet
Consume more green leafy vegetables, fruits, berries, apples, nuts, sunflower seeds and beans. Also, limit your intake of processed foods and fried foods.
As you follow these tips, there will be a difference in your body and your health will be restored.

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